This Diesel Bike Is an Atomic Bomb

September 2015 Feature Trevor Mason Web Exclusive

Have you ever seen something that just defied explanation? Something that you just had to get proof of, otherwise no one would believe you? Sam Turner has created such a thing, and lucky for you, we’ve got proof. 

What you see here is a hydrostatic twin turbo all-wheel-drive diesel motorcycle custom-built from the ground up. What it looks like is a cross between the Batpod in The Dark Knight and something out of Mad Max. But before we get into the specifics, let’s back up a little bit. 

Sam works for the US Postal Service in Atlanta as a diesel engine tech maintaining their vehicles. He’s a diesel enthusiast through and through, and wanted to put his skills to use. To that end, he decided to modify an old bike with a diesel engine (which you can see in the video below). He says, “It was a Mary ‘plain’ Jane. It was a Suzuki GS750 frame that I put a single-cylinder Yanmar diesel on. I ended up putting a turbo and an intercooler on it. It was a very normal-looking motorcycle besides the diesel engine.” 

After getting his feet wet with that bike, he decided to dig a little deeper and really make something special. “I went with a V-twin diesel and put twin turbochargers on it,” he says. “Then I was thinking it’d be awesome to have something kind of robust-looking that had all-wheel drive for a motorcycle, so that’s what led me down the hydrostatic route of making it hydraulically driven.” 

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