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When Albert Diaz was on the hunt for a truck, he had some specific ideas in mind. He had a list of possible upgrades, but in the end all he really wanted was to have a truck that would stand out in a crowd. For those who have seen his 2013 Ram 2500 MegaCab Big Horn edition cruising down the streets of Florida, it’s clear Albert has reached his goal. Known as Greengo, his bright green truck is well-known in the area, plus has gained quite a following online as well.

The Ram was factory painted Hills Green and when Albert first saw it at University Dodge in Davie, Fla., he knew instantly he had found what he was searching for.

“I wanted a crazy color so it would standout and so I would get a lot of looks as I drive down the road,” says Albert. “My wife Kirsten had to warm up to the color but has since done a 180 and loves the truck.”

The lifted truck is a big change for the Diaz family, especially considering the jump they took when they went from a car to their first diesel truck.

“I went from a slammed Infinity with wide wheels tucked into the fenders to this truck, which was a dramatic upgrade,” explains Albert. “With a baby on the way, we needed more room but I don’t think my wife knew I had plans to lift it. My daughter was born in November and thank goodness the truck wasn’t lifted at the time when I brought her home from the hospital.”

Higher Perspective 

Albert has been with American Force Wheels for about three years and felt it was time to purchase a truck that would help shine a spotlight on his passion for the wheel industry. Since 2003, American Force Wheels, Inc. has been using the latest technologies and finest materials to manufacture custom aftermarket wheels for truck enthusiasts, and Albert wanted a truck that would represent the company well. Because the majority of American Force Wheels are purchased by diesel truck owners, the Ram Cummins was an ideal fit.

Working for AFW has a lot of perks, including having a broad knowledge of all the different wheels available, but Albert already knew exactly what he wanted. After some consideration—and knowing an 8-inch McGaughys lift would be next—Albert went with American Force 24x14 Master Face Plate wheels with 37x13 50/R24 Toyo Open Country M/T tires. The Face Plate Series allowed him to match the color of his truck perfectly, which is why a lot of truck enthusiasts love the customization options this series offers. The raw metal plates come standard so truck owners are able to change up the look of their wheels as often and as customized as they like.

Getting Personal

Albert took his wheels a step further by adding a custom wheel wrap from ECD Customs in Ontario, Canada. CEO Eric Gosselin started with one of his popular wraps and customized it by adding the American Force Wheels logo to the design, creating a one-of-a-kind look that took his unique truck to an even higher level of customization.

“Eric did the wheel wrap and The Sign Savers in nearby Hialeah, Fla., installed it,” says Albert. “Eric did a wrap for us on our SEMA truck last year and I liked it so much I had him create one for Greengo.”

“I started talking to Albert and he loved my work so I built a truck that was featured in their booth and he loved the wheel wraps so much we put a set on his truck,” recalls Gosselin. “I come from a motor cross background and just have a passion for lifted trucks so we brought the wild colors to the truck scene and I believe we’re the first to do pre-cut wheel wraps.”

ECD Customs offers both standard wraps and custom wraps so owners can either choose from their current selection or have a set custom made for them.

Teaming Up With McGaughys

Shortly after the tires and wheels were added, Albert added an 8-inch lift from McGaughys, which in his opinion maximized the truck’s potential. He chose McGaughys because the lift kit was specifically designed for his Cummins and came standard with everything he needed, including 8-inch lift coils, shocks, brake line extension brackets and all the hardware.

Albert also added McGaughys 60-inch rear traction bars and he couldn’t be happier with the ride.

“You would think with an 8-inch lift on 37 tires that a smooth ride wouldn’t be possible, but that’s not the case with McGaughys,” explains the AFW rep. “I never would have guessed my truck could ride this well with such a big lift.”

Little Help Here

Albert had convinced his wife before they made the purchase that Greengo was going to be a family vehicle. So with the added lift, he knew he would need a little help from AMP Research Products to keep his wife happy.

“I didn’t think I would like the lift, but the electric steps were added so it’s easier to climb up,” says Kirsten. “Next to my husband I’m probably the most excited about the look.”

The AMP steps automatically drop down when the doors open, which give the lifted truck a cleaner look as it’s traveling down the road. Besides the power steps, Albert also went with the Bed Xtender from AMP that increases his bed space when needed, yet pivots forward nicely when he doesn’t. Another bed feature that was a must was the Extang Encore tonneau cover. The tri-fold design folds up when needed, but protects his load from those unexpected Florida afternoon rain showers that can randomly hit during the warmer summer months.

Finishing Touches

A Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel tuner was one of the last additions Albert made. He knew the right tuner would add power to Greengo, but also help with the fuel economy so the upgrade was an easy one to justify. Another must-have add-on was the Trimax 12-inch drop down hitch. With the McGaughys 8-inch lift, he needed a quality hitch that would drop down low enough and the Trimax was exactly what he needed.

A 6-pack of green Rigid Lights below light up the bottom of the truck at night, which was the perfect finishing touch.

All New Bumpers

Just when he thought his truck was all but finished, another opportunity came his way. It makes perfect sense that a one-of-a-kind truck like Greengo would have the first set of bumpers from American Force Wheels. After years of dominating the truck world with its wide range of wheels, the Miami, Fla., manufacturer decided to expand into the bumper market with a very unique product. 

Known as a company that never rests on its success, American Force Wheels has released a new line of unique bumpers. RAM, Ford and Chevy/GMC owners now have another option when it comes to custom bumpers.

The first prototype bumpers were built for Albert’s 2013 RAM and custom painted green to match his truck. The front and rear bumpers are made from aluminum to help keep the weight down, but are also offered in a steel version for those who prefer a more traditional bumper.

“We’re just looking to fill a void in the industry with our bumpers,” says Nick Chin, marketing director for American Force Wheels. “We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and we like to be innovative.”

Adds Albert, “We’re not scared to try new things and we’re certainly not afraid to show what American Force is all about.”

Wow Factor

For now Albert is content to leave Greengo alone and just be satisfied with how it sits today, but admits the mod bug is known to sneak up on him from time to time. No truck is ever really finished or complete and Albert understands that. He also knows that he owns one unique-looking RAM that continues to turn heads wherever Greengo goes.

AFW Now In The Bumper Business

American Force Wheels has been helping truck owners set their rides apart for over a decade with American-made, premium forged aluminum wheels. The Florida-based manufacturer is now offerings a new line of bumpers—all 100 percent made in the United States.

“When it comes to making your rig look good, wheels, suspension and bumpers can really set it off,” says Chin. “We have been offering a huge selection of trend-setting wheels for years now and it just makes sense to let our design team loose on the custom bumper market as well.”

Initially available for late model Jeeps and full-size trucks, the new bumpers are available in heavy-duty steel or light-weight aluminum.

“A lot of owners want the look of a custom bumper, but don’t plan on taking their rigs into the roughest of terrains where quarter-inch steel is really needed,” says Chin. “So we are offering aluminum bumpers to keep that extra weight off of the suspensions, help fuel economy, and yet give the vehicle the right look and feel.”

The new bumpers are designed using the latest CAD software to ensure proper fitment and each is manufactured with the same high quality standards that American Force Wheels uses for its premium wheels.

The bumpers are direct bolt-ons with mounting spots for all OEM sensors and lights, as well as trailer hitch plugs. Ensuring these bumpers keep up with the latest trends, they are also pre-cut for LED light bars.

All of the bumpers are available in either raw metal or textured black powder coating. The aluminum bumpers are, also, available with a brushed finish for another styling option.

“We’re going to stock the bumpers so they’ll be on the shelf and ready to be sold,” adds Chin. “Our wheels are custom and built to order but the bumpers we’ll make in enough sizes with a few different models so they’ll be ready.”

For parts used in this feature, visit our Aftermarket.

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