The Benefit Of An Intercooler

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March 2015 Products, Round Up Katie Burke

ATS Subzero Intercooler

Did you know you can get a cooler denser charge of air by simply installing a SubZero intercooler? The ATS SubZero Intercooler is placed in the airflow path between the turbocharger and the engine intake in order to cool the air after it has been compressed by the turbo. When the turbo compresses the air, it's ambient temperature rises by up to 350 degrees. This is where the SubZero comes in. It utilizes heat exchange technology to cool this compressed air which creates a more dense air flow into the intake of your engine. This means more air molecules go into the cylinder and, when mixed with the proper amount of fuel, increase engine power giving you more performance as well as enhanced fuel economy. MSRP: $1,508. (866-209-3695/

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