Harry Hollbrook's Truck Next Door

Lakeview, Ohio

March 2015 Feature My Truck

My 1965 GMC 1500 truck was originally a two-wheel drive, 307 V8 gas engine with an automatic transmission. This was replaced with a 1991 5.9L Cummins diesel and a NV4500 standard transmission. Noble's Auto Sales and Service from Degraff, Ohio, performed the engine and transmission swap along with 4x4 suspension upgrades. The front axle is a 12-bolt Corporate and the rear a 14-bolt Corporate taken out of a late 80s Chevy truck. The core support back to the front of the cab was boxed. I purchased a driveshaft specifically designed for my truck. The truck also sports Mickey Thompson wheels and BF Goodrich tires. A custom exhaust stack setup was performed and the transmission and transfer are both Chevrolet units, which bolt to a Cummins Chevy adapter. We took the engine from a Dodge airport tugger that had around 4,000 hours on it. Currently I use the truck as my daily driver and for cruising in the summer.

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