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Ted Allen’s 2013 Ford F250 6.7L is more than a truck and his daily driver. For two weeks out of every month it is his home, his office, and his means of transportation amid the wide expanse of the North Dakota oil fields. Nestled in the northwestern corner of the state, the impressive Bakken Formation stretches nearly 200,000 square miles, from Beulah in the southeast to Minot in the east, up into Saskatchewan near Regina in the north, through Sidney and almost to Glasgow in Montana.

The Bakken Formation is what Allen calls home, working two weeks on and two weeks off before returning to civilization. Allen is the owner of Stim-Tech and is a completion specialist for the hydraulic fracturing oil wells. Allen’s job, and that of his crew, is to ensure completion of the drilled well, transitioning the well to produce oil and to guide the process of initial extraction. 

Working on average 14-hour days, and staying on location while on the job, Allen has gone through numerous trucks since the start of the boom in 2008. With that in mind, Allen set out to buy and modify a truck that could withstand the rigorous work and terrain of North Dakota. However, before Allen purchased the diesel with which he planned to drive at least 300K miles, he knew he needed to research the best truck for the job, the parts he wanted, and where he would modify his new purchase.

The Truck

The Ford F250 6.7L Power Stroke is one of the most powerful engines in its class. Stock, the 2013 F250 pushes an impressive 400 horsepower at 2800 rpm, with an impressive 800 ft/lbs. of torque. The F250 features Dual Boost variable geometry single sequential turbocharger, with dual compressor housing, single exhaust housing and is wastegated. It also includes direct injection, with 19mm Piezo injectors and 8 hole nozzles at 30,000 high pressure common rail and a Bosch CP4.2 high pressure injector pump. 

With these features standard, Allen knew that the Ford F250 was the truck he wanted and needed for his business. However, he also knew that his work and the terrain would cause considerable wear and tear on the vehicle. While considering what upgrades and modifications he wanted to install on his Power Stroke, he also realized that he was not willing to sacrifice performance for dependability. Allen planned to build a truck and he wanted it to stand out and be a truck he would be proud to own. Before starting upgrades, however, Allen wanted to ensure that his truck was in the best hands possible for the job.

Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, PowerTech Diesel is known throughout the Intermountain West as one of the best diesel performance shops. With a focus on boosting power and increasing the performance of all diesel trucks, PowerTech specializes in truck builds and modifications. Selecting this shop was an easy choice for Allen, as owner Brent Wilsey is known throughout the Snake River Valley for his mechanical prowess and abilities. After deciding to build a truck that can last several years working in the oil fields, Allen knew that the entire modification and upgrade process would need to be spearheaded by one person alone, and not bounced around to different shops under the direction of different mechanics. Allen approached Wilsey and began to plan the build and set up a game plan for how he wanted to transform his truck.

The first modifications Allen wanted on his Ford were better suspension, new tires, a more protective grille, and a larger fuel tank to manage the long driving distances and rough terrain. Once Allen and Wilsey had decided what to upgrade, they made a plan that would work around Allen’s busy schedule.

Suspension & Lift

Upgrading the suspension immediately turned into a conversation about adding a lift. With that in mind, Allen selected a Carli 4.5-inch kit with KING 2.5 reservoir shocks, with Long Travel airbags. The Carli 4.5 coil over suspension system is more than a lift kit as it improves all aspects of driving, from daily driving to strong off-road capabilities, which is what drew Allen’s attention. The KING shocks are at the core of the lift and suspension kit, adding both performance and dependability. Knowing intimately the terrain over which his truck would be traveling, Allen and Wilsey agreed the Carli lift with the KING shocks was his only hope in building a truck that would go the distance, and not need to be replaced in a few short years.

The components of the Carli lift kit include the KING 2.5- by 10-inch custom front coil over shocks, KING 2.5- by 12-inch custom rear shocks, coil over mounting kit, radius arm drop bracket kit with Dimple Die cross member, sway bar end links, adjustable track bar, six-leaf Progressive rear springs, front bump stop drops and extended braided brake lines. Obviously, the lift alone was quite the build and took some time to complete, but once it was finished Allen realized that the lift was one of the most important upgrades he both wanted and needed to complete his work truck.

Lifted, the truck needed new wheels and tires as well. Toyo 35-inch Open Country M/T tires were then wrapped on BMF R.E.P.R. Death Metal 20 by10 wheels. Allen wanted the image and style of his truck to speak out and reflect his personality as well as accomplish his dream. With the BMF wheels and the Toyo tires, he was confident that he possessed the attitude and reliability he would need on those long two-week work periods. To support the wheels, Allen and Wilsey upgraded to Carli Long Travel 12-inch air bags, which complemented his need for dependable towing power, while allowing full axle articulation.

Increased Performance

Next, PowerTech tackled the engine to increase the performance of the truck to ensure that he could handle any environment or terrain Allen might encounter in North Dakota. With regular out-of-season snow and hail storms, and the occasional tornado, Allen was well aware that dependable performance is a must in his line of work. 

Internally, an aFe Momentum HD cold air intake system was added. The cold air intake increased the potential performance power of the engine by 19 horsepower and 60 ft/lbs. of torque. For complete control over the engine, PowerTech installed an H&S tuner. After completing the work under the hood, they moved to the back of the truck and installed a FLO~PRO dual 4-inch exhaust. 

Odds & Ends

With a work area spanning from Newtown to Dickinson, N.D.—roughly 100 miles—and working off the beaten path at newly constructed hydraulic oils wells, Allen knew that he needed a few more modifications for his truck. First he replaced the stock 25-gallon fuel tank and replaced it with a TITAN 50-gallon fuel tank. Afterward Allen added Bushwacker Pocket style fender flares. 

Looking Forward

With these additions to Allen’s truck he feels comfortable he can now brave the North Dakota environment with an assurance that his truck will not give out and can handle any foreseeable problems. However, after further discussions with Wilsey at PowerTech, and sensing there was more to the build to be completed, Allen began to map future plans for his truck.

While still ever busy with the work in North Dakota, Allen has plans to rebuild his transmission and to upgrade his turbo. He’s confident that these upgrades are necessary to increase the life and utility of the truck, plus he wants to feel the power of the performance that is available. His truck has already come a long way since he first bought it, and he foresees more on the horizon.

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