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The First of Many

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Southeast Idaho in late September is typically warm and dry, which is why Custom Auto Diesel Products, Powertech Diesel, and Live A Little Productions decided to host their inaugural event on the last Saturday of September. However, this year atypical rain and unseasonably cool weather blew in and put on a damper on what promises to be one of the most exciting and growing attractions in the area.

The groundwork for the event began several months before, when Custom Auto and Powertech, both well-known diesel garages in Southeast Idaho, decided to collaborate on a dyno event using Custom Auto’s mobile dyno and Powertech’s facilities. However, after inviting Live A Little Productions to help promote and sponsor the event, they soon realized that they had more potential and dreams than their initial plans allowed. With that in mind, they moved the event to Sandy Downs racetrack.

One the morning of the 27th, there was a slight breeze, lots of torrential downpour, and a chill in the air. But with the production planned, sponsors having already signed aboard, and people willing to host the event, Custom Auto and Powertech decided to soldier on. And it was well worth it.

The Dyno Event

Once Custom Auto had the dyno set up and started, the event was in full swing. Because of the weather the turn out was not what was hoped, but the diehard dyno fans that did compete came with their A game and weren’t going to back down.

Part of the draw of the crowd on Saturday, was the arrival of Dmitri Millard, a man on a quest to break 2,000hp on the dyno. Throughout the event, Live A Little Productions interviewed Dmitri, bringing awareness to his successes and his passion for the sport.

As the day wound on, the dyno continued to post numbers showcasing the modifications and the installs people had added to their trucks. And though the attendance numbers were lower than the sponsors and hosts had expected, the passion was in show at full force.

Mud Drags

With the rain the track was bogged down with mud. With preparations, though, the track was ready as more and more trucks arrived and registered for the event. As the weather cleared, the expectations and excitement for the drag races also swept the crowd.

As the dyno event ended, the timed trails for the drag race began. Live A Little Productions hosted a great event, bringing out the best in the sport, despite the rain and the mud. Fortunately, there were no accidents or wrecked trucks.

The Future

Talking with Bradon from Custom Auto and with Skyler from Live A Little Productions, they have laid the groundwork for what will be a dyno circuit throughout the Intermountain West, combining dyno events, pulls, and drag races over the course of a season and awarding points with increasing payouts and prizes. Custom Auto’s constant demand for their dyno at numerous events, Custom Auto has worked together with other shops and garages to establish what they hope will become part of the diesel culture in the area.

With plans to expand and to bring diesel sports to more into the limelight they have their work cut out for them, but we know it can be done. With the growth of the popularity of diesel trucks and the booming aftermarket, diesel sports are easier to enter than ever before, and with the recovering economy enthusiasts have more money and better options than ever before.

2015 will be a breakout year for the burgeoning dyno circuit, and we are excited to be here along for the ride with them.

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