All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser

DT puts it to the test

September 2014 Products

The new Oil Eater Original is a powerful water-based cleaner-degreaser that dissolves grease, oil and grime on engines, power equipment, tools, concrete floors, asphalt and much more.

With another nasty oily mess on our shop floor, we were desperate to find something that would do the job right. Its unique formula eliminates the need for multiple cleaning solutions and the eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner does its bidding of cleanliness with no harsh combustibles or abrasives.

We put it to the test and were impressed at how quickly it penetrates and after a quick rinse off it left no residue. It is also effective in parts washers and pressure washing systems and is even safe enough to use as a spot remover on colorfast clothes.

Available in 32-ounce spray and 1-gallon bottles, we’re glad we gave Oil Eater a try. (800-528-0334/


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