Troi Pickering's Truck Next Door

Fort Myers, Florida

August 2014 Feature My Truck

I use my 7.3L, 2000 Ford F250 as my daily driver, but I didn't care much for the stock look. I figured if I was going to have a truck as nice as this, I would need to do a little upgrading to get it looking as nice as it could be. A lot of people put a lift all around, but I decided to do a 4" lift in the front, leaving the back stock. I traded out the old Ford stock rims for 18" Monster XD rims which sat on new 35" tires.

When all of the exterior work was finished, I decided to go with a couple of performance upgrades and put in a K&N air filter and a Super chip programmer. I went under the truck and installed a 6" exhaust tip with a 4" pipe. I figured if this truck was going to be a daily driver, I would need something to haul all of my tools and baseball equipment so I added a nice looking Weather Guard tool box in the back. I finished up with that for a while, but always have plans to do a little extra work when I can. The way I figured it was for a senior in high school, I already had the best truck around, why not ride it out for a while?

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