Darrell Moyers' Truck Next Door

Cleburne, Texas

August 2014 Feature My Truck

When I bought my 2010, 2500 Cummins, I was already happy with what I had. I really wasn't the guy to go all out with upgrades, but after I rolled my truck king 75 miles an hour, the work to get my truck back on it's wheels was already needed so I thought "why not give it a little something special?" So when I began my rebuild, a new vision began to come alive. After repairing the cosmetic damage, I decided to put in a new custom exhaust system. The fenders needed replaced so I hooked up some custom dually fenders that completely out-shined my old, beat-up fenders. Next, I installed a new cold air system with all deletes possible.

Since I was already starting to raise the performance, I decided to put in an H&S tuner for a little extra power and control. I threw on some Ultra dually wheels and 34/11.5x17 Toyo tires on the front to give it a little lift and with all of that, I got my Cummins out of the shop and back on the road. Not to long from now, this Texas beast will be back in the shop for a transmission overhaul and a set of dual turbos. 

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