The Bully Dog Days Of Summer

June 2014 Feature Michael Deulley

Photos by Greg Larsen

The summers in the high deserts of southeastern Idaho can be brutal, but that didn't stop Bully Dog from putting on a spectacular show with its Bully Dog Days of Summer event in American Falls, Idaho.

Competitors from all over the west came in to show their power in the dirt drag, sled pull and dyno events, and gave an eager crowd something incredible to enjoy. While preparations were being made to begin some of the intense and exciting events of the evening, the day was spent strapping trucks to the dyno to see what kind of power was on display. While many of the 42 trucks to make it on the dyno muscled out well over 600hp, Travis Byington's 2004 Chevy showed itself a powerhouse at 1116hp. It was becoming abundantly clear that the crowd was truly in for an unforgettable day.

The thick stack centered in the bed of this truck plumes smoke exhaust as its driver gives it all he has on the dyno.

An anxious crowd continues to funnel in as Bully Dog sets up to start the evening events.

The crowd shows their love as the Bully Dog Days of Summer starts to heat up.

The hours wore on and after everyone had their turn on the dyno, it was time to get the rest of the show underway. The night festivities began with a little freestyle motocross, courtesy of Keith Sayers' FMX MotoCross team.

Keith Sayers' FMX MotoCross team pulled out all the stops and shocked the crowd with some seriously gravity-defying aerial tricks.

Watching skilled motocross bikers put on a spectacular display of high-adrenaline freestyle tricks was accompanied with the sled pull competition, which pitted the best trucks of the west against one another in a challenge of strength and skill.

The sled pull was stacked with fierce competition. The cheering crowd's voices were soon drowned out by the sound of roaring engines and whistling turbos.

The dirt drag races highlight the night as trucks frantically race to the finish through a the thick haze of dust and black smoke.

As the night progressed, the MotoCross team continued to amaze the crowd with incredible and almost logic-defying aerial skill in a breathtaking finale. Bully Dog put dirt drag racing last in the lineup for the evening as the perfect end to a perfect day.

Four classes of truck were set up to test their speed in the stock, single turbo, twin turbo and open class. The competition was nothing short of fierce as drivers put their trucks to the ultimate test of speed and endurance. It's safe to say that no matter how you felt when you came to the Bully Dog Days of Summer, you left completely satisfied. Seriously, with all the power, high speed drag racing and high-flying entertainment, who could have left unhappy?

Some drivers couldn't wait to show off their eclectic taste. Needless to say, this Dodge sled puller is one-of-a-kind.

Looking for a ride? Take a trip on this monster taxi. Just be careful not to tell the driver to…step on it!

For information on next year’s event visit

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