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Justin Wright's 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD Classic

April 2014 Feature My Truck

My 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD Classic also happens to be my first diesel. I live in an area flooded with Dodge trucks, but I didn't want to succumb to the peer pressure and fit into the crowd. The first thing I went after was a leveling kit, followed by a custom exhaust upgrade. I wasn't really enjoying that, so soon after I did another custom exhaust. Then I threw in a 6-inch RC lift and new 35-inch Mickey Thompson ATZs on 16-inch Helo 791 rims. Shortly after that I went after some performance with an S&B intake. Not seeing the power that I wanted out of that, I added a TransGo Jr kit and beefed up my turbo.

I was beginning to like the power that I was getting, but I wanted to see some work done inside. I added a new set of pillar gauges and—feeling the need to get some good sound—I installed a Pioneer DVD/navigation system and hooked that up to a 1000-watt Probox. I just managed to get my 2500 paid off this month so the real fun is just beginning. By fun stuff I mean the fast stuff. As a trucking dad, I don't always get the extra cash to do everything that I want, but where I'm sitting now, I get 25 MPG. The upgrades are in the near future, but 25 miles a gallon on the highway is pretty good for a daily driver. With the prices of diesel continuing to climb, getting some extra mileage always puts a smile on my face.

Justin Wright, MontezumaKan

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