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April 2014 Feature My Truck

Jase Strickland
Emmett, ID

When I bought my Dodge, I decided to give it a name of its own. There was a certain unique personality to it, so I went with the name Bridget. She's powered by a 6BT Cummins and geared by an Eaton Fuller RT00-9513. The transmission I have in her is a triple overdrive, 13-speed out of a semi truck and it's a blast to drive and has a first gear ratio of 12.10:1 and 13th is 0.61:1. When I bought the truck, there was a lot I wanted to do to it. I decided that the best way to get what I wanted out of it was to rebuild the truck from the ground up. When I decided to go with the semi tranny, I did it because I wanted something that was really different than the ordinary trans that are in other trucks. There's one thing for sure about this particular Dodge: there really isn't anything else like it on the road.

Jase Strickland's Truck
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