Warhorse Part 3 (Slideshow)

Fight For Power

February 2014 Build Michael Deulley

In the first day, Unruh completely deconstructed the Cummins and took the pedestals over to Performance Automotive Machine Co., in Idaho Falls, Idaho, for milling. After the pedestals were to specification, Unruh armored the engine with ARP head studs, rod and main bearings, piston rings, seals and a fresh head gasket. After the internals of the engine had either been cleaned and checked (or replaced) the do-it-yourself truck owner removed the old, abused injectors and replaced them with Ducky Fuel Injection 5X0.012 VCO injectors, which would undoubtedly sate the power hungry 5.9L monster.

After the engine was beginning to take its final shape, Unruh took advantage of the open engine compartment to use forward thinking and replace the stock exhaust system with a 5-inch Silverline exhaust. Each action was performed meticulously and planned to make the next series of performance installs come together smoothly.

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