Smeding Diesel’s 6.0L Turbo Mod

Offering the best of both world

Published in the December 2013 Issue December 2013 Feature Lee Lovell

The genius German-born physicist Albert Einstein once spoke of those who are afraid to innovate. He said, “if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” It seems that this way of thinking has trapped many a company into doing something that is comfortable and not innovating. As has been proven before, if you don’t do something new, you’re going to have a tough time making it as a business.

Fortunately, the world of diesel certainly does not bind itself to that mold. New products and technologies are being developed all the time. One look in any product advertisement in our magazine and it’s easy to get excited about all the industry has to offer.

Smeding Diesel of Boerne, Texas, is always working to deliver the greatest products and their latest modification kit for the Ford 6.0L turbo certainly does not disappoint in that the regard.

With a determination to improve what was already out there, the company took a look at the 6.0L Powermax turbo and went to work.

“The Ford Powermax for the 6.0L is basically the same thing as the stock charger, but just bored out bigger, says Ben Smeding, owner of the company. “So we decided we could just bore out the stock charger to make it a Powermax and save the customer money.

The resulting cost savings are significant. With the Ford 6.0L turbo modification kit from Smeding, you can save up to $500 with their modification, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket for other power mods.

The kit starts with a choice of either a cast or batmo compressor wheel in either 59.8 mm or 63.5 mm sizes. As a whole, the kit includes an oversized compressor cover, an oversized compressor back plate, gaskets and a new compressor wheel. Their most popular combination for the kit includes the 10 fin oversized turbine and the 63.5mm batmowheel. It is important to note the compressor modification is an exchange that you will need to send back at the end of the installation.

The modified turbo spools quicker than the stock turbo and produces even more power, especially with low-end torque. Smeding says that it is capable of producing 520hp with a stock fuel system.

“It would definitely improve your towability and it’s a great street performance turbocharger for someone who wants to use their truck as a daily driver,” notes Smeding.

Smeding provides two ways for the modification to be done. You can send the turbo to Smeding and they will do all the modification for you. Otherwise, you can purchase the kit to install yourself with the included step-by-step guide.

“Anyone that has a mechanical ability could install it. It will likely take about four hours for the average person that hasn’t done it before,” say Smeding.

The kit offers the best of both worlds; it offers a lot of power for not so much money while being easy to install. More information about the modification kit can be found at 

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