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November 2013 Feature Brady L. Kay

It's been a few weeks now since the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show took place in Las Vegas, Nev., and to be honest I'm still going over my notes and photos. With over 2,300 exhibiting companies there was a lot to process, plus I left town with a pile of information nearly busting the seams of my suitcase.

Today and I was sifting through my stack I came across the brochure from American Force Wheels on its new Faceplate Series that was just released. When I first approached the AFW booth I just assumed these wheels had been pin striped different colors, but after a closer inspection that wasn't the case at all.

How it works is you get three unfinished aluminum plates with each wheel that you can paint, powder coat, airbrush or wrap in any color you want. Normally this type of customization would cost you thousands, but that's not the case with these new wheels. When finished you bolt the finished plates on the wheels and you're good to go. In six months if you're tired of the look, take them off and repaint. It really is that simple.

I was fascinated by the concept so I took a ton of photos as I messed around at the AFW booth for more time than I care to admit. I was experimenting with different colors and patterns trying to dial in what would look good on my own truck.

I took a ton of photos around SEMA so I could get some feedback from other diesel enthusiasts on this new concept. Feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/DieselTechMag

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