The Elk Hunter Part 5 (Slideshow)

Getting Our Ram Squared Away

Published in the August 2013 Issue August 2013 Build Brady L. Kay

It's kind of like being in your hometown and not really noticing all the changes that take place year after year. Then one day your friend comes back to the area for a visit after being away for years and that's when you're able to appreciate the changes that have been made. Because these changes were gradual, you didn't really notice them, but through his eyes it becomes clear.

Adam Westfall's 2005 Dodge SLT 2500 crew cab long box is kind of like that. His friends and family have enjoyed the changes that have been made to this once bone stock truck, but until you pull up a photo of where his Ram was just a couple of months ago, you almost can't appreciate where it sits today.

The goal from day one with this 5.9L Cummins is to have this build-best known as the Elk Hunter-ready in time for hunting season. It's now September, and the avid outdoorsman loves what he's seeing.

Read all about the most recent changes to the Elk Hunter in our September 2013 issue of Diesel Tech on page 46.

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