Power gains without higher EGT ’s

Published in the August 2013 Issue August 2013 Products

The new COMP-ONE water/methanol injection system from Snow Performance is one of the most advanced and most powerful upgrades you can add to your turbo-diesel. It combines the latest, most sophisticated water/methanol injection delivery with an advanced programmer to effectively reduce combustion temperatures by 250 to 300 degrees. This allows you to use the programmer’s super hot tune with the water/methanol’s 70 plus horsepower to safely add up to 260 plus horsepower and 520 plus lbs./ft. of torque, without damaging DFP filters.

A new dash-mounted monitor/tuner features a large screen with customizable graphic options. Water-methanol injection is easily set up on the touch screen. It can display various engine functions and eliminates the need for multiple gauges that clutter your dash. The monitor/tuner also serves as a performance and diagnostic tool that measures your vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration, quarter-mile time and braking performance, as well as reads and clears trouble codes. It can also operate as a rear wheel dynamometer to measure your engine’s power gains, or as a virtual drag strip to test your reaction and quarter-mile times.

The COMP-One installs easily and plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port. The COMP-One part #48015 is available for a variety of domestic diesel applications.


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