Big Blue Part VI

We've Got Power!

July 2013 Build Brady L. Kay

Part Six

When we first got started on this build we mapped out a general outline of what we wanted to do to this truck and the number of steps it was going to take to get there. But of all the upgrades and modifications that we planned, it was this one that we were the most excited for. Adding a new turbo, bigger injectors, an upgraded high pressure oil pump, an intake manifold, as well as a new tuner was the big step we've been waiting for since the project began.

Prior to this install we wanted to run our 7.3L on the dyno to see where we were prior to the install. After putting up some "too low to publish" type numbers we discovered a boost leak was behind our grief. But to solve our boost leak problem we needed to tear into the truck, which didn't make sense to do twice just to get pre-dyno numbers when we already planned on these major upgrades to the engine. So we never did get our pre-dyno numbers, but we do have post numbers, but we'll get to that in a minute.

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