Honey Badger Part 3

Feeding the beast inside our Dodge Cummins

Published in the December 2012 Issue December 2012 Build Lee Lovell

These days it is impossible to get on Facebook or any other social media site and not be faced by a barrage of Internet memes. They are defined as an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person and most often we see them as a funny saying attached to a unique video or picture. Quite often some memes become viral and consequently spread through the Internet like wildfire.

You could say then that the Honey Badger was born from the vast expanse of the Internet through one of those popular memes. The name of our project truck actually comes from a video that went viral in early 2011 entitled “The Crazy Nasty#$! Honey Badger.”

The video humorously narrates the honey badger’s keen diet for cobra snakes and its ferocious defensive skills. When hearing the video proclaim, “The honey badger just don’t care,” Chris Searle, our marketing manager at Diesel Tech magazine, knew it was the perfect name for our next project truck.

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