Diesel Tech Reader of the Month!!

Submit your ride and compete against other trucks!

September 2012 Feature Lee Lovell

Welcome Diesel Tech fans! We love the support that you have shown us and now it is our time to give back. Starting for the month of July 2012, we are announcing the Reader of the Month and Year competitions!

Here is how it works:


Post a picture of your ride on our Facebook wall. Once you have done that send us an email at dtweb@harrispublishing.com with the following:

- Your name (as it appears on Facebook)

- Your address (so we can ship some swag to you if you win)

- A high-resolution photos (This is a must have, especially for you as higher resolution photos look better and will likely receive more votes. We also need one here because we can't pull the pictures posted on Facebook)

- OPTIONAL: A brief description (50-100 words) of why your ride is so awesome and some of the big things that you have done to it. (If you are selected as reader of the month, we will need a description)

That's it! Make sure that you follow the entry produce above and you should be good.


Reader of the Month: The winner of the Reader of Month will be chosen from all complete entriesduring that respective month. The community on Facebook will then vote on their favorite through "likes." The person with the most "likes" wins.

Reader of the Year: The Reader of the Year will be selected at the ending of the year from all the previous Readers of the Month. The community will vote and the winner chosen from the truck with the most "likes." It's the best of the best.


Reader of the Month: Each person that is chosen for the Reader of the Month will be given a free Diesel Tech Magazine t-shirt. New! The winner of the Reader of the Month competition will have their truck featured in the Trucks Next Door section of Diesel Tech magazine.

Reader of the Year: To be determined but we do know it is good. We will announce the prize later in the year. In the meantime though we will be spending plenty of time to making sure that is prize is awesome.


A complete entry is one that follows the posting procedure posted above. If, for example, you send us an email but don't post to the Facebook wall, we can't enter that ride in to the competition. Complete entries are a must. Incomplete entries are still able to be submitted for other months, as long as they are complete.

By submitting a photo for the Reader of the Month competition, you thereby agree that any photos submitted by means of email may be used for promotional and marketing purposes at Harris Publishing Inc.

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