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Where versatility and power collide

Published in the July 2012 Issue July 2012 Build

To refer to this 2007 Dodge 2500 as a transformer might suggest the 5.9L Cummins truck somehow is able to change itself and adjust to the different applications that it's called upon to do. But actually it's just the opposite for owner Trevor Eva who transforms the uses of his pride and joy on a regular basis, yet the Dodge itself remains the same. For Trevor, it's all about flirting with a fractured speed limit or two-on a steep incline-regardless of what he's towing.

"It's not fun if you're not standing on it," says Trevor with a smile. "It's a good puller and I use my daily driver to haul equipment or whatever I need every day."

Trevor's tow list includes pulling his horse trailer or fiberglass boat for weekend fun, his 38-foot Trails West trailer when he's ready to head to the hills with his sleds or dirt bikes, or just towing his equipment trailer if he has a job to do. Whatever the occasion, his Dodge is up for the challenge as his hobbies and workload continue to transform on a regular basis.

Support System

Through it all, Trevor is quick to credit his wife Ginger for her support.

"Not all wives would let their husbands spend the kind of money that I spend on these projects," says Trevor. "She picks on me a little because I build these trucks but if someone sees me at a gas station and likes it and wants to know what I'd have to have for it, pretty soon I'm selling it and buying a new one. I've sold three of my trucks this way."

Trevor admits he wasn't planning on selling his last truck, but with the right offer he found himself in a familiar situation once again-in need of a new diesel. Once he bought his 2007 Dodge he attacked it and went at it right away, completing it in just over a month and a half because he didn't want to drag the build out. You should never say never, but Trevor doesn't plan on letting this one go.

"I have too much money into this one, so I'm keeping it," says Trevor. "I've always wanted the long box and I like the 5.9L better than the 6.7L so my wife doesn't have to worry about me selling this one."

Jumping In

The first thing Trevor did to his Dodge was add the 6-inch Tuff Country lift.

"I've had three or four Ford pickups over the years and I've always gone with their lifts," explains Trevor. "These lifts just seem like the best fit for what I want to do. It rides great. I love that it doesn't ride like a tank."

At this time he also bought a set of Toyo MTs tires to go with the 20-inch wheels that were given to him. He went with Toyo because he loves the look, they're quiet running down the highway, plus they do well in the snow, mud and every other place he wants to take his truck.

With bigger tires Trevor figured everything else needed to be bigger too.

"With the big tires I added the dual stabilizers, heavier tie rod ends and track bars," says the Wyoming native.

"I also added the front bumper after that as well as the HID headlights because I do a lot of night driving and I wanted those high intensity headlights that have the two relays."

Stacking Up

Next Trevor added the stacks. He originally went with 5-inch miter cut and 5-inch turbo back with a flow thru muffler, but said it was way too loud in the cab.

"On long trips my wife Ginger would wear ear plugs because of the noise, so I moved it to 7-inch stacks from MBRP to tone it down a little. That really toned it down to a pleasant roar," explains Trevor.

Other upgrades to follow included the ATS Arc Flow intake manifold, AirDog Stage 2 fuel system, as well as an H&S Mini Maxx tuner that Trevor feels is hands down a great tuner that is very user-friendly. At this point he felt his truck had plenty of power, but he couldn't get his EGT numbers down and that was a big concern to him. So he then added the water/methanol injection system from Snow Performance, which cooled down his EGTs.

"It dropped them 150 to 200 degrees," says Trevor. "You can really feel it. It's like a sled with nitrous. When you hit the water/meth it definitely boosts the truck. I like it because it cools your EGTs and with a stock turbo with no big load it works great."

But after Trevor purchased his 38-foot Trails West trailer, he knew he had to upgrade to the Diesel Power Source compound turbo. This install turned out to be the perfect fit for him, giving him plenty of power to work with.

Best Of Both

With the truck running strong, the next logical step for Trevor was to stretch it because he always wanted a long box and was tired of trying to get a sled in a short bed.

"The MEGA cab is just so comfortable for those riding with you, so now I have the best of both worlds with the long bed," says Trevor.

While Precision Bodyline was stretching his bed, he noticed a truck with a set of Rockstars from KMC Wheels and thought they looked great with the black center caps. After he considered it a little longer, he also thought those wheels would really look good on his black truck so he added them when he did the long box.

Final upgrades included adding the Road Armor rear bumper to match the front and remote airbags from Firestone with the compressor hidden under his frame. With just a push of a button he can now level his load, which is very important to him.

"Nothing bugs me more than a guy coming at me at night with a load on with his headlights up in the sky," says Trevor. "Just level your load and do us all a favor."

With the truck now where he wanted it, there were just a few additions that needed to be made that were more for tradition than anything else.


"My MOVE light covers and cowbell have been on everything I've had, ever," explains Trevor. "My cowbell came off my semi when I had my trucking company. I was the lead hauler, mostly because I have a lead foot and the cowbell was always on my bull rack. When I retired from trucking I took it off and I've had them on every pickup I've ever built."

No truck is truly ever complete, but for Trevor he's really happy about how his truck turned out and continues to be impressed by the power and versatility his Dodge now offers. Nothing seems to give him greater joy on the highway as when he's pulling one of his trailers, yet is still able to pass everyone in sight.

"With my compound turbo, water/meth, AirDog and everything else I've done to my truck, there's not a hill between Jackson and Boise that can slow me down," says Trevor. "That's no joke, I have been astounded with the pulling power of my truck."

With that much power you may or may not get a good look at this truck if you happen to see it on the road. But if you're lucky, you may catch a quick glimpse of it speeding by. If a large black Dodge sneaks up on you this summer don't let the MOVE light covers intimidate you as you read them in your rear view mirror. Even on a steep incline he won't be behind you for very long, that you can count on.

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