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Published in the July 2012 Issue July 2012 Build Brady L. Kay

New drilling technology has freed up vast reserves of oil in North Dakota, fueling an economic bonanza that has become a flat-out gold rush. As the rest of the country desperately tries to skirt a double-dip recession, North Dakota boasts a $1-billion budget surplus and the nation's lowest unemployment rate. And the boom shows no sign of letting up - almost 200 drilling rigs are boring 100 new wells a month.

Siepert works for Ensign Drilling on a four-weeks-on, two-weeks-off rotation and the results of his hard work and dedication to this company have paid off in many ways, including what's he's been able to accomplish so far with his 2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT.

Shortly after purchasing his 6.7L Power Stroke he stopped into Custom Auto Diesel Performance in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to see about adding some LED headlights. But little did he know this visit would eventually lead him down the road of performance modifications. It was Custom Auto owner James Brendle that helped him with his goal to create the ultimate truck.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Custom Auto, James and everybody at the shop," says Siepert. "They stuck out late nights until three in the morning at times just to put my truck back together. They're always there when I need help."


Besides the LED lights, one of the first steps Siepert took to modify his truck was to add a 2-inch leveling kit from BDS Suspension, 35-inch Toyo tires and 20-inch MKW wheels. He then followed it up by adding fender flares from Bushwacker.

"James hooked me up with the fender flares," says Siepert. "He got them earlier than they were going to be released."

For the next phase, Siepert went with the Mini Maxx tuner and 4-inch exhaust from H&S Performance, but after coming up just short at a dyno event, he decided he needed to add a little extra.

Instant Power

"I got beat by 14 horsepower at a dyno event and I decided I didn't like that happening so we added the nitrous bottle from Edelbrock," says Siepert. "We put about a hundred shot on it just in case that 14hp ever came up again and I haven't blown it up yet either."

What did end up blowing out was his rear end, which led to the new aFe rear differential cover that he really likes with the sight window and other key features.

In just over three months Siepert, through Custom Auto, had transformed his truck that now included a Kicker sound system with a Legacy deck into a loaded Super Duty. But the Idaho native soon realized this was just the beginning.

"Next we started getting into the expensive part," says Siepert with a smile. "But hey, it's all fun and games right?"


Brendle was able to work with Industrial Injection to get the second ever twin turbo kit for the 2012 Super Duty 6.7L, which was a welcome challenge to the shop.

"We had a few tweaks that we needed to modify, but that's to be expected with this new of a truck and everything," says Siepert. "It's an S4 76 millimeter wheel and it's stacked over the stock one and it somehow all fit in."

The truck was lacking in fuel so the next step was to add a fuel rail pressure box from Thoroughbred Diesel. With the latest modifications including those twin turbos, the hood needed to be modified or upgraded and Siepert decided to go with StreetPros for a new hood and had Bowers Collision in nearby Blackfoot, Idaho, match the paint. Looking at it today you'd never guess it didn't come straight from

the factory.

"It's a perfect fit. I'd say it fits better than the stock one," says Siepert. "Custom Auto sprayed my bed (Xtreme Liners) and we added the Royalty Core grille too and that's where we are now. Oh and we did just add the CalTrac traction bars so I won't blow up the rear end again."

Future Plans

Currently Siepert has head studs, injectors and a high pressure oil pump and is just waiting on rods from Carrillo so he can build the motor. As soon as he's caught up, his plan is to take his truck down to SunCoast Diesel Transmissions in Florida to have the first built transmission from them for his model of truck.

Between runs up to North Dakota, Siepert enjoys participating in truck pulls. His best pull to date was 296 feet, just short of a full pull, which is quite impressive with a stock engine and transmission. He also likes to compete in drag racing as well as dyno events when he can. Nearly a year ago before the twins and the other major upgrades he was at 544hp at the wheels with 1450 ft/lbs of torque. On a different dyno he recently reached 656hp (SuperFlow dyno number), which of course made the owner happy.

But for Siepert it's not just about the numbers. For him it's about the fun of trying to quench his modification thirst and staying in contact with his good friends at the shop. Custom Auto has been involved in every step along the way and a good friendship has formed because of it.

"The people and the atmosphere are great," explains Siepert. "If you have a problem you can always count on them and it doesn't matter what the time is. James is amazing to work with. He's a great guy that can help you out if you need it and he hasn't led me astray yet."

With a little time left before he's scheduled to return to North Dakota, there's no telling what Siepert might add to his Super Duty. Because for him, a truck is never truly complete.

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