Big Blue Part 3

BD Diesel Performance Upgrade

Published in the April 2012 Issue April 2012 Feature Brady L. Kay

Warm Up Valve

For improved performance we decided to remove the warm up valve. Removing it is actually quite simple and after doing the upgrades like the wastegate and compressor wheel, it made a lot of the time. The decision would actually come back to haunt me a little. With this BD Power upgrade I also wanted to install the BrakeLoc that basically locks your torque convertor when you're going down hill. But here is the part where I'm not afraid to tell you that we all make mistakes or in this case fail to look ahead. The BrakeLoc from BD Power uses the warm up valve-yep you guessed it, that warm up valve. We removed it for performance reasons, but failed to look ahead to the other upgrades that we had planned from BD Power.

On something like this it's not too late of course. It wouldn't be that hard to tack weld a new flap in and go through with this upgrade, but for now we're just going to hold off on the BrakeLoc.

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