Big Blue Part 3

BD Diesel Performance Upgrade

Published in the April 2012 Issue April 2012 Feature Brady L. Kay

Next Up

For the next phase we contacted BD Diesel Performance and once again Powerlabs Diesel in Idaho Falls, Idaho, helped us with the install work. With these Fords they want you to spend a lot of time on your stomach as you stretch over the engine to reach the turbo that is buried deep in the back. The tech guys at Powerlabs had to let the engine cool a little before they were able to get elbow deep and up against the back wall of the engine compartment to pull the turbo. The deepest bolt on the clamp was a little bit of a pain to reach since it was right up against the firewall. But this location for the turbo is actually quite common since when you think about it, just how often do most people pull their turbo? Okay, that was probably the wrong question to ask the gear heads that read Diesel Tech, but you know what I mean.

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