Add Your Company Logo To Your Grille

Published in the April 2012 Issue April 2012 Feature

Royalty Core Truck Performance offers custom grilles with top-notch quality and designs. What's even more impressive is that you can now have Royalty Core design, machine and fabricate your company business logo on a grille for your truck. That's great advertising for your business and gives people something to remember-your company logo front and center.

Royalty Core will work with the customer and their budget to come up with the perfect combination and design. Every customer is emailed a CAD rendering for approval before it goes to the cutting process. Taking a one-dimensional (rasterized) jpeg file of your logo and converting it into a full-blown colorized 3D metal version (vectored) takes time and skill to get it right. Every line of the image has to be converted into a coded formula that its machine can read and follow the appropriate tool path crossing over, under, and around at precisely the right times to machine the image out correctly. Sometimes this has to be done in layers depending upon the logo. Its expert paint and airbrush artists then finish the logo with detailed accuracy to produce a 3D metal version logo to offer the immediate recognition that makes the company logo work for you. 

Combine your custom logo with the worlds only 100 percent stainless steel grille including the frame, mesh, studs, logos, mounting, hardware and you're set for the long haul. See examples of Royalty Core customer company logos on its website.


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