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Published in the August 2011 Issue August 2011 Feature My Truck

Jorge Alonso

Palmdale, Calif.

I am the proud owner of this 2004 Chevy. I bought this new and I have made every modification in my garage. My truck is by no means a show truck, but is probably like the thousands of trucks out there that your readers also have.

Key modifications include the LLY Duramax Allison combo, Edge chip juice with attitude display, custom cold air intake, aFe mouthpiece, Snow Performance Water Methanol injection with custom 38-gallon water tank, Banks Inter cooler, AFe stainless 4-foot turbo back exhaust with cat delete, LBZ Cooling system, dual alternators, dual trans coolers and a 100-gallon fuel capacity. My latest upgrade is after breaking almost every component on a 6-inch IFS lift, I took the plunge and converted to 8-inch lift, four link straight axle conversion with coil covers and custom ram assist, 35 BFG's, Firestone airbags with onboard air system, 18K fifth wheel hitch, receiver up front for 16K winch. These are some of the upgrades I have made to my truck






Larry Jewell

San Angelo, Texas

I bought the truck in 2004 with 13,000 miles and it currently has 142,000 miles on it. I started out with the Edge Juice and 4-inch exhaust. It has since had a 4-inch MBRP duels and now currently has a 5-inch MBRP exhaust system. I have also run the Predator and Bully Dog programmers stacked with the Edge, then went to a Van Aaken box stacked with PPE Hot + 2 and finally settled on EFI Live, which has been on my truck since 2006. I have a set of headers built by Rick Lance, which have been on the truck since 2009. I have had four built transmissions in the truck, the last one was built by Mike Lovrich of Inglewood Transmissions. It's a Stage 3 Sun Coast with some of his tricks and an ML Precision Converter. I originally had a Sun Coast 1050 converter in it.

The truck also has a Banks Intercooler, the EGR system has been removed for the last 100,000 miles, it has a FASS 150/150 fuel system fed through a Hellmann Sump and ported fuel rail.

At around 75,000 miles I installed an Fleece Performance 68mm Cheetah turbo, then installed the first Fleece 71.5mm Cheetah a year later. At 90,000 miles I installed PPE duel fuelers, the stock CP3 has an LBZ modded regulator on it and the second CP3 is a stock LLY unit. At around 100,000 miles I installed MPI twins, keeping the 71.5 Cheetah in the stock location. I have not drag raced the truck since I installed the Duel Fuelers, but before that I had a best time of 13.1 seconds at 101 mph. With the Duel Fuelers and Twin Turbos I would imagine it's somewhere around a low 12-second to maybe a high 11-second truck, and it is a two wheel drive, so it is handicapped at the strip. I do have Cal-tracs on it as well as 12.5 M&H Slicks for racing.

It is driven every day and is my family's vacation transportation as well.

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