Pearls of Diesel-Performance Wisdom

A Few Things We've Learned Over the Years

Published in the June 2011 Issue June 2011 Ask The Expert Ryan Harris

Never take a freshly-painted, lifted truck through an automatic car wash. You will spend the ensuing three days auditioning for the next Karate Kid role. Your hands will smell like car polish for a month. And you will be nicknamed "Swirly" for about a year.

Buy a white truck. Then you can take it through any carwash you want.


People-even your best friends-will take a photo shoot as an opportunity to drive your truck like a rental car and dismiss all blame by tossing back the keys and saying "the mag guy wanted pictures of it that way."




A Gen 2 Dodge on 35s is still a great-looking truck, despite the fact that they drive like a flat bottom boat.

Shop owners would go out of business were it not for all the extra work brought in by do-it-yourselfers.



You can't spend $300 to replace the microwave, but $1,500 for a new turbo? That was just something you had to do.

 Diesel mods are like Lays potato chips. You can't do just one.



Every tuner should come with a set of new tires. 

Nobody in the history of time has been able to build 600 horsepower and "take it easy on the stock trans" to save money.



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