Expanding The Staff Box

Published in the April 2011 Issue April 2011 Ask The Expert Brady L. Kay

La-Z-Boy endurance tester. Callaway golf club reviewer. Stevie Wonder's ironing lady.

These are some of the sweetest jobs in the world, but they rank down there with the pooper-scooper in the Thanksgiving Day parade compared to the job that I've inherited.

Fasten your seatbelt; there is a new editor behind the windshield of Diesel Tech magazine.

Officially I'm now next in command after Executive Editor Ryan Harris and if you thought Donald Trump put on a wicked show you should have seen my job interview with the board of directors. To be the next editor was a battle to the end with the other qualified candidates, but when the dust had settled it was me who was left standing.

Like many of us, my first "car" when I turned 16 was actually a truck and that on-going love affair has stayed with me my entire life. At an early age I already knew and fully understood that diesel pickup trucks are the strongmen of the automotive world, the beast that can tow and carry loads that would make lesser trucks slap the mat and tap out.

My name is now on the staff box, but I do feel bad for the runner-up who just missed becoming the next editor of Diesel Tech. Finishing second in this race is like being the next person in line after the free beer runs out.

How does this affect you, the Diesel Tech reader? To be honest, it really doesn't. The only real noticeable change is that we've added this column, Torque, and you'll start seeing my truck projects and installs in future issues.

With the help and support of the DT staff we're giving our magazine a new look and feel for 2011, while continuing to provide you with the how-to articles and features you've come to look for. Later this year we'll reveal our contributors page to give you a little more information about the writers that have helped make our magazine what it is today. I'm smart enough to realize that the early success of this magazine is a reflection of a lot of great people, including a great in-house staff as well as the writers that will be featured on our contributor's page.

I've met a lot of diesel addicts either during my travels to different areas or even here in my own backyard. We've swapped stories and tips, while sharing our experiences. I don't know who the biggest die-hard diesel truck owner in the world is, but I think I could be in the photo. If I weren't qualified for the job, I would have been begging spare change at a bus station inside a week. Now I'm ready to prove that I belong here.

I now handle the day-to-day responsibilities of Diesel Tech, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me an email at blk@dieseltechmag.com. Or you can always snail mail me a letter at Diesel Tech magazine, 360 B Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Just make sure that you send your letter to my attention.

The enthusiasm for this section of the automotive industry is nothing shy of amazing. I fully understand why you're so passionate about your diesel trucks. These impressive machines are as rugged and tough as the people who enjoy them. Plus it seems that each diesel truck has its own personality and feel and that says a lot about its owner.

My goal is to produce a quality magazine with the help of our staff here at Diesel Tech and provide you with a publication that reflects your passion. With your help and suggestions, I feel this magazine can reach all of our expectations and beyond.

We may not always agree on everything, but either way you've got to admit, I've got one of the sweetest gigs out there.

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