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Published in the April 2011 Issue April 2011 Ask The Expert

Edge Products recently released its EFI University's Diesel Engine Performance Tuning DVD. This educational video was produced by EFI University in partnership with Edge Products. EFI University is the first school of its kind, designed specifically to teach the principles and skills required to successfully navigate your way through the fast-paced world of high performance electronic fuel injection. The training offered by EFI University is so good that Edge Products requires all of its engine calibrators to attend EFI training in Temecula, Calif. This is a must-have training resource for dealers that sell diesel tuning products. Know what you're selling and how it works! This is also a must-have resource for customers looking at buying diesel tuning products or planning to tune their own diesel truck.

This DVD teaches basic concepts about how diesel engines work, what components are involved in Common Rail EFI, and what you can and cannot do while tuning a diesel truck.

Created by proven industry tuning leaders, the DVD will dispel common myths about diesel tuning as well as break down complex topics such as the effect on your engine when you add fuel, change the injection timing and changing the boost levels.

Diesel Engine Performance Tuning will also explain the functions of the DPF and DOC and what can be done with them. Plus you can learn how to safely and accurately tune your vehicle every time.

You can also unravel the mysteries of injection timing and its effect on performance and find out why EGT's matter and what can be done to manage them.

Get decades worth of experience and knowledge to get you on the fast track to understanding diesel tuning. Plus you can see the actual dyno tuning process at Edge Products corporate headquarters while you follow along on a step-by-step tuning process to see the effect of each change individually as measured on a dyno.

To view a DVD trailer or to order your own EFI University Diesel Engine Performance Tuning DVD visit or Diesel Engine Performance Tuning is now shipping. Retail price for the EFI University DVD is $69.

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