Avoid High-Pressure Leak Points

Go Natural CNG's fuel interface modules

Published in the April 2011 Issue April 2011 Ask The Expert

Go Natural CNG is pleased to announce the release of its new patent-pending Fuel Interface Module (FIM). Used in natural gas vehicle conversions, the Fuel Interface Module reduces the number of potential high-pressure CNG leak points and speeds up installation time.

The FIM acts as the connection interface for the fuel storage tank(s), the fuel fill nozzle and the pressure regulator. In typical CNG vehicle conversions, the FIM reduces the number of potential high-pressure leak points by more than 50 percent. This is possible because the FIM body is machined from a single block of aluminum and combines the coalescing filter, quarter turn valve, pressure gauge, secondary check valve and electronic transducers into one unit.

In more traditional CNG vehicle conversions, each device adds two or three joints and requires the installer to cut individual links of stainless steel tubing, or to order custom made high-pressure hoses, in order to connect each device into the high pressure fuel line. In these installations, the technician must also mount each of these features at a separate location, usually somewhere along the vehicle frame rail. Since the FIM combines so many features into one easy-to-mount unit, the cost of the units is less than the traditional components and installation time is reduced by up to four hours per vehicle. It is one of those rare products that cost less and save time over conventional approaches.

Go Natural CNG's Fuel Interface Modules are designed and manufactured in the USA and represent a step forward in safety and efficiency.

(801-281-4766; www.gonaturalcng.com)

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