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Published in the August 2009 Issue August 2009 Column

Dear DT,
In the bottom left of page 37 [of the Feb 09 issue] is a blue and gray Dodge Ram Mega Cab with a long bed. I believe it read "Innovative Customs" on the side of truck. I would like to find out more about that truck.

SGT. Shaun "WAGS" Wagner

That truck was built by Innovative Customs of Utah. It was on display at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, to showcase IC's Dodge Mega Cab long bed conversions. For more information, go to www.innovativecustoms.net. -Ed.


Dear DT,
After reading your first installment of the PSD Resurrection I had to write in. You see, in November, 2007 I embarked on the exact same adventure but with a few twists and turns. I purchased a 2000 F250 2wd regular cab long bed from a local fleet truck wholesaler. My truck cost a little more than yours and wasn't in the same shape, but I bought it before the truck and SUV market crashed. It took me almost a year to get it road worthy and I continue to work on it. I have attached some "before, during and after" pics for you to enjoy.

Before (1)I wanted to build something unique and I knew I would have this truck for a long time. My goal was a good-looking truck that would, as your article said, make a Mustang wish he hadn't picked on a truck. First, I gutted the truck and stripped it down. Next, I shortened the frame and installed a short bed. I then removed the saddle tank and installed a 44-gallon tank from an Excursion. A trip to my friend Troy's body shop (Caliber Collision NRH) and the dents were fixed, gas door shaved, and 2-tone paint applied. I wanted to stick with a Ford theme so I had the guys paint it Dark Shadow Grey on the bottom and Tungsten Grey on the top. The stripe on the body line is Crimson Red (GM). After all the paint and body work was complete, the assembly began. I updated the front end to the 05-07 and added HID's. In the back I added 08 taillights and bumper along with a Recon third brake light. I also had Steve at BilletBadges.com make me some very nice fender badges with the theme of the truck,"Texas Sport Edition."

Before (2)The interior parts were repainted or replaced and the seats were rewrapped with leather. New carpet, headliner, along with a ton of Dynamat helped a little with the sound quality. I wanted to save some cash for the engine so I sourced a factory 6-disc and just replaced the existing speakers. Last I added power windows and locks and a remote start alarm system.

For the suspension I turned to DJM for dream beams up front and did a custom flip kit in the rear all with Bilstien shocks. Some ProComp 20-inch wheels and 305/50R20 Nitto tires round out the external.

When it came to the engine I started slow. First I added a Magnaflow 4-inch system and ended up using the muffler delete. Next was the Airaid cold air intake. For tune I used an Edge Juice w/Attitude controller and stacked an Edge Evolution tuner. This was fine until the 210k mile and added power took its toll on the stock turbo. I ended up replacing the turbo with a BD Thruster and while I was there I added the non-EBPV pedestal, a regulated return, high pressure cross over and a fuel bowl delete. I had already added a pre-and post-pump inline filter system. I also did a CCV mod using a catch can and an exhaust scavenging setup to keep the sludge out of the turbo and an intake heater delete. Eventually I would like to do injectors, HPOP, and a Fass or AirDog and shoot for the 450-500 rwhp mark.

AfterI hope you enjoy the pictures and the build. I can't wait for your next installment.

Can you believe nobody in Texas already had a plate that said "DIESEL."

New loyal reader,
Jason Tout
Newark, TX

We've been amazed at the Ford readers coming out of the woodwork in response to this article series. It's been a great project truck to build, mainly because of the budget it's being built on. Sounds like your truck is right on par with what we're doing. Thanks for reading DT! -Ed.


Dear DT,
You really hit the nail on the head this time. Those Dodge trucks, well, there is just no nice way to say it, THEY SUCK. Sure the Cummins engine is okay but who cares if it's sitting between the frame rails of a piece of junk, right? Since you are the technical editor at the magazine maybe you could suggest they only have articles and material pertaining to Fords and Chevys? Stop wasting space on anything that has to do with Dodge trucks. The age-old rivalry in the hot rod world has always been between Ford and Chevy. Dodge rarely even enters into it since they can't compete anyway.



Dear DT,
Is the Truck and Performance Expo still a go? I see nothing on your site or in the latest mag.

Doc DeTonancour

It has been postponed until Spring 2010. We attribute that to economic conditions in the truck market. -Ed.

Dear DT,
Hey I just wanted to say how cool it is to see a diesel magazine from the home area show up in Iraq at the exchange. Not sure what has brought diesel performance to our corner of the world, but it's very welcome. Hope to be home for vacation (I'm a contractor/retired USN) this summer and will bring the Dmax in to one of the local shops for a bit of work. Can't go too far with mods however, as the expense of buying a home and stop full timing it in an RV is at hand. Do you ship subscriptions to APO/FPO addresses? Not all publishers will send to military addresses. Cheers and keep up the great work!

Wayne Gale

We do mail to APO/FPO addresses. It may take longer to receive it, but we do send it. That's pleasantly surprising to hear we've reached that far out and we appreciate you picking our magazine up. Thank you for your Navy service. -Ed.

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