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Published in the April 2009 Issue April 2009 Column

Dear DT,
I was wondering why is it that in my issue of Volume 2, Issue 3 that I have a Chevy ("3 Keys to a Wicked LLY") and then there is a Dodge dually (Twin Turbo Towing Test) for the same volume and issue. Am I missing something?

Also, it's a great mag with real trucks that really get used (I hope).


We had an error that left the issue number the same on both issue 3 (Twin Turbo Towing Test) and issue 4 (3 Keys to a Wicked LLY). You're not missing anything. And yes, our trucks get used. Unless you're interested in buying one. In that case, they sit in garages and are only driven to pick up milk. -Ed.

Dear DT,
I've been reading your magazine for quite a while. I picked up an issue at a buddy's house one day and couldn't believe how much more informative it was compared to all of the other diesel mags I read. I pulled the subscription tab out and ordered it over the phone right on the spot. Thanks for the great research and awesome step-by-step pictures and information on the installation of power mods.

I work for CN Diesel Performance here in Post Falls, ID. I built my truck up last winter not really knowing what to expect. I got done with the build this spring and went down to Pro-Performance in Kellogg, ID, to see what it would do on the dyno. We got an amazing 683 hp to the rear wheels on the first run. I was extremely pleased, but could tell there was more power in there to be had. I traded the Edge Juice with Attitude stacked with a Smarty and installed a TST stacked with the Smarty. Jumped back on the rollers and put down a nice 713 hp run. This may not seem like a lot of power for what you guys usually see, but the thing that makes it pretty cool is we're doing these numbers with a single turbo on a truck that is literally driven every day and is also used for towing heavy loads (14,000-32,000 lbs.).

Nick, the owner of CN Diesel Performance, has helped me a ton on this truck. I really could not have done it without him. I've been wanting to get the truck in a magazine to help get his name out on the street. He just started his company last year after being a diesel tech for other companies for the past five years. We have attended a bunch of dyno competitions over this last summer, including the diesel rally in Redding, CA, Columbia Basin Sled Pullers' July dyno day, Diesel Thunder in Spokane and we took third at the BD fall dyno day. They lumped me in with the unlimited class at BD, which didn't really make sense because I was only running one turbo and no drugs. I was up against guys with huge twins and nitrous.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in having in your magazine, please shoot me an e-mail back. Thanks for your time, and keep up the excellent work on what I honestly think is the best diesel mag on the market.

Vincent Himes
Post Falls, ID

We're always looking for more trucks for feature stories and yours meets our primary criteria: it makes power and it tows heavy stuff (we're not that picky). Send us some photos and we'll take a look. -Ed.

Dear DT,
First off, what a great magazine! It is much more of what I look for to inform me and show options that I can do/afford myself-instead of what a big bank roll, lots of time and a big imagination can do to a truck.

Now my question has to do about the Hankook DnyaPro MT Rt03 that you had featured on the Brown Mega Cab Dodge in a past issue. I have the 35x12.50x17(which are E-rated) on factory rims 17x 8 and have had continuous issues with balancing the tires. I also get an odd or uneven wear on the front tire (front end has been aligned three times). Has this been an issue for the Brown Mega Cab? I've tried the beads in the tires and currently have centramtic balancers with the normal lead weights to keep them in check. I have found no mechanical reason for the imbalance and the tire shops have yet to get them right. To this day I have been dumb-founded to find a solution. I hate to have to buy new rubber with lots of tread on these tires. I got such a great price and really have loved the way the MT Rt03 handled so far except for the vibration. Replacing them would mean more money than I currently have available. But if this is common for this tire I would like to know so I can avoid the same problem when I do get new shoes.

Andrew J. Rhyne
Wagoner, OK

The longer we ran the tires, we did notice uneven wear on the front two tires. They tended to wear more on the outside edge than the rest of the tire. After our initial review, the truck also developed a bit of steering wheel shake. This may be similar to the vibration you are feeling. Rebalancing the tires did help a little, but it didn't cure either problem. We did find a solution to both issues, and it was related more to the Dodge front end than to the tires. We added a Solid Steel DSS Steering Stabilizer from KLM Performance and a DSS Adjustable Track Bar. The steering stabilizer completely eliminated the steering shake. Over time, the tires began to wear more evenly. The adjustable track bar helped with keeping alignment in check.

The tires were difficult to balance, so I assume the manufacturing quality control isn't quite as tight as other tire makers in the oversize segment. But once we made the changes to the truck's steering system, we had no issues with the tires. -Ed.

Dear DT,
I was following the LLY Duramax build up and I think I have part 1 and 3. I wanted to know if you know what issues the build up was in. If you can tell me what all the issues were with the build up, then I would also like to know how to buy back issues.


That series had four parts, beginning in the February 08 issue and also in April 08, June 08 and August 08. It was the cover feature of the August issue. You can buy back issues online at or by calling 1-800-638-0135.

Dear DT,
Just wanted to say I love the magazine. Keep up the great work. I'm looking for a little insight into the future and was wondering if you guys could help. I'm currently leasing a 2006 F-250. I haven't done any engine mods, but have put leveling springs in the front and add-a-leafs in the rear with some bigger tires. I use the truck for pulling our 35-foot 5th wheel camper quite often in the summer months and may be putting a snowplow on the front soon. My lease will be up in 2011 and I'm not sure if I should buy the truck or turn it back in and start over. I know the 6.0 Power Strokes have their problems (knock on wood, I haven't been through any of them yet!), but most people I have talked to that own the 2008 diesels aren't happy with the power and fuel economy. So what do you think I should do, keep this one and hope for the best, or will 2011 bring out some powerful, fuel efficient diesel trucks from the Big 3? Thanks for any advice you guys can give me and keep up the awesome job! By the way, if you guys want to sell the Project LBMC, let me know!

Thanks again,
Kurt Christie
Greenville, MI

If 2011 is anything like 2008, you'll be able to buy a brand new truck for what your residual on your lease will likely be. Seriously though, the 2010 diesel engines (the next big emission step from EPA) should bring more power to the table, but also more emissions restrictions. If your 6.0 Power Stroke is still reliable and the residual on the lease is low, I'd plan on waiting until you can at least see, read about and test drive what's in store for the next generation of diesel engines. -Ed.

Dear DT,
I'm looking at your Volume 2, Issue 6 mag and noticed your 1999-2004 LMC facelift. It looks OK and would have saved me some money, but I did something remarkable. With my 2000 F350 I put on the 2008 front end. Yes, all new Ford parts, along with 22.5 American Racing forged wheels. I put a ball bearing turbo on, aftermarket intercooler, AFE intake, injectors and so much more. I have the best looking truck. Yes, I own the only 2000 F350 with THE real engine (7.3L) with a 2008 front end. My truck is like no other, guaranteed. The LMC face lift needs to take a seat to my 2000 beauty. I even gave you a pic of her before the face lift. Oh, she's not done either.

Mark Cardis
Cedar Rapids, IA

Nice work. Really, we're impressed that you went through the time and work to replace pretty much the entire front clip of your truck to give it the '08 look. That must have cost you thousands and taken countless days and endless hours of tiresome manual labor. Shoot, all we did was spend a couple hours in the driveway snapping in our LMC stuff. What idiots we must be. -Ed.

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