DT Tested: Glacier Diesel Power Fuel Boss

Published in the February 2009 Issue February 2009 Cummins, Products

What It Is:
Glacier Diesel's crank driven lift pump system.

What It Does:
The Fuel Boss Mechanical Lift Pump System is a bolt-on kit for all 1998.5-2007 Dodge Cummins pickups. We all know the factory electric lift pump on the 5.9L Cummins is far from stellar. Especially if the truck has had performance modifications made, the higher demands a chip or larger injectors put on the factory fuel system can really put a hurting on the injection pump and lift pump. The Fuel Boss kit works in conjunction with the factory lift pump to aid in maintaining optimum fuel pressure. Based off engine load and engine rpm's. The pump is belt driven off the crank, so as demand increases, so does the supply.

What Stands Out:
Ease of install, how well it works and it's a simple set and forget set-up. It was easy to see when we first opened our Fuel Boss kit that Glacier Diesel has done their homework. This kit is well thought out, and the instructions for the install couldn't have been laid out any better. This is clearly one of the nicest and best functioning fuel system kits we've ever tested at Diesel Tech. Plus, Richard Martin, owner of Glacier Diesel, is a super nice guy and was more than happy to spend time with us on the phone, answering questions and offering more help in anyway he could.

The entire install took just a few hours and required just basic hand tools. Everything we would need for the install was supplied in the kit, including a specialized tool for setting the belt tension. Your truck still uses your factory lift pump to pressurize the fuel system and start the truck, but once a certain pressure is met and the truck is running, a hobbs switch is triggered which shuts off your factory pump and sends fuel through the new belt driven pump.

At an idle our 1998.5 Cummins 24V test vehicle is now seeing 15-16 psi of fuel pressure, and will climb to 19-20 psi as the rpm's come up. That's a major improvement over our failing stock system that would drop down to 3-4 psi at wide-open throttle. The system includes a check-valve to prevent back flow, and a pressure switch that will allow excess fuel to return to the tank when the pressure in the system meets a preset level. The harder you push the truck, the more the pump will supply. No more fuel pressure drops under load and heavy acceleration.

One thing we want to point out is that this truly is a set and forget system. Once its been installed and the air is out of the system, you really forget it's under there. It's quiet too, you won't here that familiar humming noise coming from your fuel system like some of the other electric fuel pumps on the market.

The Downside:
Well, nothing comes to mind really. We are 100 percent satisfied with this system and would recommend it to anyone in the market for an aftermarket lift pump system for their Dodge Cummins. Low fuel pressure from a stock lift pump can destroy an injection pump in no time, leading to costly repairs. The factory VP pumps on the early 24V 5.9L Cummins has never been known for its reliability or performance, but we can now put our mind at ease knowing ours is seeing the fuel pressure it needs.

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