DT Tested: Dakota Digital Odyssey Series II

Published in the February 2009 Issue February 2009 Products

Odyssey Series II digital fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature and boost gauges.

How Much:
$94.95 MSRP for high pressure boost and fuel pressure gauges; $124.95 MSRP for EGT.

What It Does:
In a world of analog dial gauges, we wanted to try something different. Dakota Digital offers a full line of digital gauges for most every diesel need.

We put this trio of digital gauges on a Chevy Duramax. The EGT pyrometer sensor was placed in the passenger side exhaust manifold. The boost sensor was placed in the charge system EGR crossover tube just before the engine valley. The fuel pressure sensor was installed in the breather screw hole on the fuel filter transfer plate. It reads fuel pressure being pushed by an auxiliary lift pump (stock Duramax fuel systems would not see any pressure at this location). We mounted the digital gauges in a triple-mount pillar.

The gauges feature a dimming function that drops the voltage to the digital LCD displays when the vehicle's headlights are on.

We were impressed with the lightning fast response time that the digital gauges offer. Fuel pressure, shown down to the tenth of a pound of pressure, shows instantaneous changes. The EGT readings are quick, too, but they drop off the ones value, so you only see changes by ten degrees.

The Downside:
We would love it if the EGT gauge showed one more digit. Reading 1,250 degrees as 125 takes a little getting used to.

The Bottom Line:
If you want quick-responding gauges with a high-tech look, we recommend you take a serious look at Dakota Digital.

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