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Titan Tanks' new generation of large capacity fuel tanks

Published in the December 2008 Issue December 2008 Products

We're big fans of large capacity replacement tanks. If your truck has only a stock fuel tank, you don't know the sheer joys of being able to travel twice as far with half the fuel stops. Adding a large-capacity replacement tank doubles your MPT, or miles per tank.

We installed one of Titan Tank's crew cab longbed fuel tanks in our 2008 Chevy Duramax LMM dually. It's a truck with a dedicated camper in the bed, meant for traveling highways to places far from home. That makes the stock fuel tank almost a hindrance. With the truck's fuel economy hovering around 10-11 mpg with the camper in, you literally have to stop and fill up every 320 miles with the stock tank.

Titan's latest generation of fuel tanks have a few welcome design enhancements, like a low fuel retention lip. If you have four gallons in a tank this large, the depth of the fuel level will be very shallow when spread out over such a large area. With the new fuel retention lip, low amounts of fuel are held to the area of the tank nearest the fuel sending unit. This also helps in improving the accuracy of the fuel gauge. The new Titan tanks are designed to be down to three to five gallons of fuel when the low fuel light comes on. Previous generations of the tank would have up to 10 gallons in the tank when the light comes on.

The Titan tank requires no modifications to your truck, uses the stock bolts, holes and stock fuel gauge and sending unit. Installation is fairly simple, and can be done at your local shop or by any good shade mechanic.

Fuel capacity is incredible in these tanks. The Titan 60 Chevy crew cab longbox tank is rated with a fuel capacity of 60 gallons. After installing the new tank, it took 61.9 gallons of fuel to fill it. That means that you have about 57 gallons of fuel to burn between fuel stops (the other few gallons are what's in the tank when your low fuel light comes on). And 57 gallons of fuel will extend our truck's MPT from 320 miles to nearly 600 miles per tank.

If only doubling miles per gallon was that easy.

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