DT Tested: Aeorforce Interceptor Scan Gauges

Published in the August 2008 Issue August 2008 Products

Here at Diesel Tech, we got the opportunity to try out these new scan gauges from AeroForce Technologies in one of our project trucks and thought we'd give you a little insight on just exactly what it is they do.

These handy little Interceptor gauges allow you to monitor just about every sensor your truck is equipped with-and there are a lot of them. They are currently available for the 7.3L Power Stroke and 6.6L Duramax trucks.

The Interceptor gauge is just your standard sized 2 1/16-inch diameter gauge that fits in any gauge pod. The gauge plugs direct into you OBD2 scan port and allows access to all your vehicle's sensors and engine parameters. Some of these parameters include: rpm, mph, intake air temperature, engine coolant temperature, manifold pressure in psi, cylinder head temperature, battery voltage, throttle position, two user configurable analog inputs (such as a pyrometer input), injector pulse width, injector duty cycle, transmission temperature, injector control pressure, engine oil temp and even EGT1, 2, 3, DPF delta pressure and Regen status for the 2008 and later diesel trucks.

The AeroForce gauge allowed us to watch two parameters at a time while allowing us to switch from each parameter as we wished. It's just a push of a button away. Having this type of information at your fingertips all the time is incredibly handy. You can also set the gauge up to cycle through a pre-set number of parameters.

The Interceptor gauges also allow you to read and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes, record 0-60 mph and ΒΌ-mile times, and on Power stroke vehicles, it will even run injector buzz and cylinder contribution tests.

Another very nice feature of the Interceptor gauge is the ability to record data, which can be reviewed later. That means if you're a drag racer or sled puller you would be able to record each pass down the track and go back and watch what the truck was doing during the run.

There are also two high intensity LEDs, which can be used as warning lights to indicate when a selected parameter exceeds an entered threshold. That simply means it can be set as an over boost warning or even an egt temperature warning.

Installation and use of the gauges couldn't be simpler; it's a true plug and play monitoring device. After using the AeroForce Interceptor gauge in our truck, we don't think we'll ever own a modified diesel truck without one. The gauges come in a variety of color combinations and look great.

To find out more about the gauges visit the AeroForce website at www.aeroforcetech.com.

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