Diesel-Powered Jeep Pickup Is On The Way

August 2017 Feature Trevor Mason

If you somehow find yourself in the middle of the “Jeep aficionado/diesel enthusiast” Venn diagram, then you’ve got reason to rejoice! It seems that a Jeep Wrangler-based pickup is currently in the works and is slated to feature diesel power under the hood. Specifically, it’ll be a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 with a stop/start system, though the choice of transmission being used is currently unknown. 

This info comes courtesy of some sleuthing from the folks at the Jeep Scrambler Forum. Some leaked CAD files that they got their hands on revealed that the truck is apparently going to be called the Scrambler and will let you choose between three roof choices, such as a three-piece black or body-colored roof or a Sunrider soft top. The wheelbase will be 205 inches, which is longer than the 172-inch frame of the Wrangler unlimited. Finally, eagle-eyed forum members noticed that it’ll sport a Dana 12-bolt axle and differential, which suggests its frame will have a higher payload and towing capacity than a standard Wrangler. 

The Scrambler still seems to be a ways off, which makes sense, given that this info comes from leaked CAD files. Still, it’s pretty exciting, especially considering that this is Jeep’s first truck in quite some time.

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