Justin Martin's Truck Next Door

Plainfield, Ill.

June 2017 PowerStroke, Trucks Next Door, Feature DT Staff

I bought this thing stock as stock. It’s a basic Lariat ultimate that came with 20s from the factory. I bought it for my business, 3JM Exteriors, which is family-owned with my two brothers, Jeff and Jake Martin. (That’s the 3JM.) We started about 12 years ago.

With the help of Truckwurx, a great local shop for the Chicago area, I went the cosmetic route first and put on an ICON 2.5-inch leveling kit. Everyone made fun of me for having a leveling kit and no wheels, so then I did the wheels and tires, 35-inch Toyos and American Force wheels for spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, I pull them off and put the stock wheels back on. I saw these on a buddy’s truck, and when I saw them, I thought, “I’m done searching for wheels. Those are what I want.”

I also did a turbo, the H&S 66, which is my number one modification I can’t live without. I also have an H&S MiniMaxx, as well as AMP steps, which are necessary for my wife and boys to be able to get into the truck. I pull a 28-foot trailer for my business every once in a while. It’s not a daily thing. But it holds anything and everything we need.

I’m an H&S and Icon guy. I really love what they do. When I came home with the wheels and tires, it took my wife two days to notice them. She saw those and didn’t give me a hard time. This is something that, within reason, she lets me treat myself to.


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