Get DEEP With PPE for Longer Transmission Life

November 2016 Products, News DT Staff

Oil capacity plays a key role in optimizing the service life of an engine or transmission. With PPE’s Heavy-Duty DEEP Transmission Pan for Ford’s 5R110 Torqshift automatics, that message is shown well. The transmission pan provides 6 more quarts of oil capacity for longer transmission life. It is also made of high-strength aluminum, and it features internal baffles and external fins which dissipate and shift heat to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

The pan includes a stainless steel drain plug with a 17-millimeter hex fitting for easy removal and installation. The plug is fitted with a powerful magnet that pulls harmful metal shavings from the oil before they can damage any components. Shavings are easy to wipe off during oil changes. The DEEP Pan is available through authorized PPE dealers for 2003-2007 diesel Super Duty trucks. For more information, call 714-985-4825 or visit

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