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Published in the May 2019 Issue May 2019 Ask The Expert, Feature

By: Peter Taraborelli, Communications Manager, Stoner Car Care

We’ve all been there. You’ve just spent the time to detail your vehicle, but then you’re driving, the sun hits a certain angle, and suddenly your windshield looks streaky. Where did that come from? You just meticulously cleaned and detailed your truck and now it looks terrible.

If this happens to you, you’re not alone. Cleaning the inside of any windshield can be a tough and aggravating task, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are many factors that keep you from getting streak-free glass inside your vehicle. Off-gassing from all the plastics and foam inside, smoking, vaping, eating, even an inefficient defroster system will leave film on interior glass. The slightest amount of haze can disperse light, distract the driver and irritate the detailer.

There are many different methods for cleaning interior windshields, and everyone has a method that works best for himself.

Newspaper, terrycloth, microfibers, paper towels, white vinegar, water, even toothpaste have all been promoted by some YouTube experts. But what is the absolute best way to clean glass?

The challenge is that you not only have to clean the dirt and film off your windshield, but you have to complete the task without leaving a residue. Even with all the home remedies, soaps and detergents, it’s difficult to leave your windshield 100 percent residue-free.

First, you need something that can cut through the bug splats, bird droppings, salt spray and road grime … yet be gentle enough no to damage tinted windows. You also need to apply just the right amount of cleaner to do the job, yet not so much that you now have to clean off the cleaner. Finally, you want to clean your windshield in a shady spot where the direct sunlight and heat doesn’t cause the glass cleaner to evaporate too quickly, before the cleaning process can be completed.

Invisible Glass, by Stoner Car Care, is made in America and sold at most major big box and auto part stores. Invisible Glass was recently tested by the Institute for Advanced Materials Research, an independent laboratory, and confirmed as 100 percent residue free.

What does this mean? A residue, by definition, is something left behind. Residue can be soap, scent or dye in the actual glass cleaner. Residues cause streaks. Invisible Glass’ Clear Dry Formula does not contain soap, scent or dye, which means it is virtually impossible to leave a streak.

Invisible Glass is a powerful product which can remove just about any residue with ease. The trick is using it properly. Less is best. One spray diagonally from one corner of the windshield to the other is recommended. This will allow you to clean, polish, and buff the glass while making sure to avoid any leftover product. If you over-apply, excess moisture will take longer to evaporate and will attract gasses and dust, causing streaks.

Cleaning Aids

Waffle weave microfibers and premium micro fiber cloths have proved to be very efficient at polishing glass. Microfibers, however, are made of plastic, so they are not overly absorbent. If too much product is used, they will become easily saturated and spread the glass cleaner, instead of picking up dirt.

You’ll get the best results if you clean with one cloth, then follow up with a separate cloth for drying and polishing. If your interior windshield is horribly filthy from smoking, vaping or neglect, you may need to double this process.

First apply your cleaning solution and then remove the residues with your first application. Then before changing to a new set of clean cloths, go back and apply a small amount of Invisible Glass and polish.

Another issue many of us encounter when cleaning a windshield is getting proper access. Every vehicle owner has spent time with their arm turned up, trying to shove a cloth between the windshield and the dashboard. There is an easier way—the Invisible Glass Reach and Clean tool.

This convenient tool features a comfortable handle, a flexible contouring head and washable, reversible, reusable microfiber bonnets, which let you clean windshields from the comfort of your seat.

The Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool is a top-rated product on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews. It is available individually or as a kit with a 19-ounce can of Invisible Glass.

You can’t clean what you can’t reach. Your windshield will never truly be clean if you cannot access the entire glass surface, or if you are using a cleaner containing soaps, scents or dyes.

Clean, clear glass means seeing road hazards faster and stopping sooner. Spending time and effort while using inefficient products will leave you disappointed and frustrated. And at the end of the day all you want to see from your efforts is nothing … except clean, clear glass.

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