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Banks PowerPDA
BanksBanks Power
Banks' full-color PowerPDA is synchronized to your Six-Gun (for high-performance/sport/racing) or OttoMind6 (for working/towing/street use) and has a host of default tuner settings. It can also tweak the Six-Gun parameters.
The PowerPDA monitor displays EGT, boost, system status and power level and two user-selectable gauges can monitor rpm, mph, throttle position, barometric pressure, intake air temp, engine temp, trans temp, torque converter status, gear, trans slip and more. PowerPDA gives six power levels and with the Six-Gun feature, there is also a Speed-Loader level, giving a total of seven power levels.
PowerPDA clocks 0-60 mph, 1/4- and 1/8-mile performance runs and the Hist-O-Graph Performance Test function records boost, EGT and speed values, as well.


Bully Dog GT
Bully DogBully Dog Technologies
The Bully Dog GT or Gauge Tuner serves as a downloader that adds power. It also functions as a tuner, allowing for multiple drive train settings. It has a four-gauge monitor and is a driving coach. Driving coach software monitors wasted vehicle energy and then informs the driver how to change his driving habits to increase fuel economy. The new GT diesel unit works on Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles, while the gas unit works on Dodge, Ford, GM and Nissan cars, trucks and SUVs.


Touch Screen Xtreme
Touch Screen Xtreme has wireless connectivity with the vehicle PCM/ECU and uploads performance programming into both Ford and GM vehicles. It can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and has shift lights, a music player, GPS and an SD card slot. An external OBD-II mounted Bluetooth dongle key accepts both 0-5 volt analog signals and produces additional output signals. A performance calculator measures horsepower, torque and 0 to 60-plus mph times.


The Trinity Performance Monitor from DiabloSport will support the gas and diesel 1999-2009 Ford, Chrysler/Dodge and GM vehicles, under a single part number: T-1000. Features include programming, diagnostics, read/clear trouble codes, virtual drag strip, virtual gauges and customizable gauge layouts-all accessible through a full-color touch screen display.


X-Power Plus w/X2 Digital LCD Monitor
BDBD Diesel Performance
Combining BD's X2 Digital LCD Monitor with the X-Power Plus performance module for the 2003-05 Dodge Cummins allows more user control. The X2 Digital LCD Monitor displays four parameters at the same time, plus provides engine control and protection. It has the ability to data log so you can play back or download information onto your laptop. X-Power Plus performance gains are achieved by altering injector pulse duration and timing, meaning more power-up to 180 hp at the rear wheels.


Black Maxx
H&SH&S Performance
The Black Maxx tuner-available for 6.7L Dodge Cummins and 6.4L Ford Power Stroke-allows shift-on-the-fly tuning and vital engine statistics. The touch screen allows up to four parameters at one time, with 20 engine parameters available and three changeable power levels. The Black Maxx allows use of racing exhaust, provides horsepower increases of 60-250 RWHP and speedometer and ABS recalibration, all with no trouble codes.


Mini Maxx DPF Delete Race Tuner
H&SH&S Performance
The Mini Maxx race tuner is a diesel downloader from H&S that offers three power levels. Features of this tuner include automatic safety backdown, adjustable top speed limiter, custom fueling, timing tunes as well as a free tune for aftermarket turbo. It also allows the user to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, all on the high resolution touch screen monitor.


Evolution CS, CTS
EdgeEdge Products
Edge Products is now offering the Evolution CS (color screen) and CTS (color touch screen) models. The CTS is a full-color, button-free, 4.3-inch touch screen power programmer that will re-tune your late-model vehicle to improve horsepower, torque and drivability. The CTS comes equipped with a video-in port that allows users to connect to Edge's backup camera, including night vision and a license plate mounting solution with a custom security lock. The CTS can also connect to any camera or DVD player. The CS model features a 2.4-inch, button-controlled color screen. Safety features such as user-defined audible alerts and performance (0-60 and quarter-mile time) testing are included. The CS and CTS programmers can be used as a scan tool for reading and clearing trouble codes.


MACH Meter Display
HypermaxHypermax Engineering
The Mach Meter Display for 6.0-liter engines displays up to eight engine parameters and is configurable for analog or digital numeric display. The LCD screen shows up to four functions, selects power levels at once and has a simple two-wire connection. It also has a mounting bracket and blue back light for easy night reading.


Striker MD
PainlessPainless Performance Products
The Striker MD features digital readouts of the boost, fuel pressure and EGT (with addition of a thermocouple). In addition, a graph of these is available in real time, allowing you to see changes over time as you drive. The Striker MD also includes an EGT warning light that goes from green to yellow to red as the EGT nears and exceeds the programmed EGT.
The Striker Diesel MD allows you to fine tune boost and fuel pressure beyond factory settings. It comes with 10 pre-calibrated power levels. You can use these preset levels or modify them to fine tune a vehicle with performance modifications like exhaust, turbo, fuel pumps, intake, water/methanol injection, etc., to make the most power.

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