• Warn Industries Donates More Than $11,000 To Local Charity

    The donation was in part supported by Dover Corporation, the philanthropic arm of Warn’s parent company.

  • Diesel Brothers Season 2 Premieres January 16, 2017

    Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and the rest of the crew are finally back on our TVs!

  • Is There a Better Way Way to Produce Bio Oil?

    Check out this video of old truck tires getting reused as bio-oil!

  • Announcing Our SEMA ShowStopper Award Winners

    What were the coolest products we saw at the show?

  • Austin Jaggers' Truck Next Door

    Check it out, a 2002 Ford F250 Power Stroke 7.3L!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Turkey Day is finally here!

  • What is Durabak?

    If you're looking for a great undercarriage or engine bay coating, check this out!

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    Belmor Announces “I Did My Duty… Now I Drive Heavy Duty” Contest

    There's a pretty good chance that there are truckers in your family that will want to take notice of this contest.

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    Suspend Your Ford Power With Airlift

    Air Lift’s new heavy-duty LoadLifter 5000 and LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate air spring series are the toughest and smartest air suspension support systems for the 2017 Fords.

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    ATS Diesel Black Friday Sale

    Hear ye, hear ye! Get our deals here!

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    Make Your Shop Life Easier

    Feeling the need to up your mechanical game? You might!

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    Get DEEP With PPE for Longer Transmission Life

    Oil capacity plays a key role in optimizing the service life of an engine or transmission. PPE’s Heavy-Duty DEEP Transmission Pan shows that message well.

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    Michelin Defender: A Strong Tire for All Seasons

    If you’re in need of new tires for your pickup truck that will hold on strong without reducing power, then the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is your top pick.

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    NFL Network Announces "Tackle My Ride" TV Show

    This ain't your father's "Pimp My Ride."

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    One Pump Is Okay? Well, Two Is Better!

    Need more power? Check this out!

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    Get More for Your Fuel with Diamond Eye

    Diamond Eye knows that more air makes more boost pressure which produces more power.

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    Bully Dog's Wireless BDX Tuner Is A Wireless Wonder

    Bully Dog’s new BDX Performance Tuner might just become the new industry standard for tuning.

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    Snow Performance's Reliable Performance Enhancer

    If you want a safe way to boost the output of your truck, check out Snow Performance’s new Stage 4 Platinum Water/Methanol injection system.

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    Stop Worrying and Use BOLT

    The new BOLT Locks Fifth Wheel King Pin Locking System is an excellent answer to preventing fifth wheel trailer theft.

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    Get BD's Injectors for A Horsepower Increase

    If you want a noticeable increase in pulling ability with your 6.0L, then these are the parts you want!

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    Your Ideal Interior Add-ons

    With the new Covercraft SeatSavers, Summit Racing knows exactly what you need if you want long-lasting comfort for long drives.

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    New S&B Intake For ’06-’07 Duramax

    S&B’s new 75-5080 Cold Air Intake kit is an excellent addition to your 2006 or 2007 Duramax if you really want a robust performance enhancer with good looks.

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    Additives for Full Protection

    If you’re looking for ways to boost performance of your diesel truck year-round, then you’ll benefit from Alliant Power’s three new diesel fuel treatment fluids.

  • Multimedia

    Praise the Workers

    Give thanks to the hard workers that make our lives possible.

  • We Talked To The Diesel Brothers!

    No beards were harmed in the making of this video.

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    2017 Ford King Ranch Blows Flames

    You know it’s a terrible feeling when you buy a brand new vehicle and it already malfunctions one day into ownership.

  • Diesel Tech Announces Sponsorship of Ultimate Callout Challenge

    For the upcoming 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC), Diesel Tech will now be a Silver Sponsor.

  • We Took The 2017 F350 For A Test Drive

    Everything is bigger in...Idaho?

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    We're Putting Rev-X In The Colorado!

    Why would we go with anyone else?

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    Check Out Our Finished Chevy Colorado!

    Well, finished for now, let's say. But there'll be more to come!

  • Multimedia

    Lavon Miller's 8 Second Run at UCC

    Lavon Miller and the Firepunk Diesel guys break the 8's with the run of a lifetime! Check it out!